Angelika Albani

Sworn translator
for the English language

German English

Legal Translation

Thanks to the fact that I am a certified translator and publicly appointed by Nuremberg-Fuerth Regional Court, the higher court of first instance for our region, I have come into contact with the translation of official documents and certificates from all corners of the world right from the start of my freelance activities. Gaining confidence through the continuous further training, I attended in the course of my translation career – for example through an interpreting course for translators, or the Legal English seminar, or the workshop on Translating Contracts – my range of activities and customers soon also included notaries and law firms. It has become an increasing trend that I translate purchase contracts of real estate and am called in as interpreter during the notarisation of such contracts. One of my biggest projects was the translation of court hearings and evidence for a law firm in the context of an arbitration trial at the International Court of Arbitration on behalf of one of their clients.

At present, I focus on the following areas of law:

  • Corporate law
    • Business incorporation,
      merger, acquisition or closure of a company
    • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Property law
    • Purchase of real estate, creation of land charges
  • Contracts
    • Business agreements and general terms
    • Cooperation agreement, NDA
    • Delivery contract
    • Employment contract
    • Marriage contract
  • Vocational and educational certificates
    • University entrance qualification certificate
    • BA/MA certificate or diploma
    • Transcript of academic achievements, examination certificate
    • PhD certificate, award of doctoral degree, and similar
    • Medical licence, Certificate of Good Standing, and similar
    • Letter of reference, job testimonial
    • Certificate of completed vocational training
    • CV, job application documents
  • Personal declarations of will
    • Power of attorney, will and testament, patient's will
    • Affidavit
  • Family law
    • Personal status documents, marriage, child adoption, divorce
  • Change of citizenship, naturalisation